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Plumets Shorty

Shorty made with plumets. Available in black, white and cream. Its effect: Comfort comes first! Simple and feminine in their light satin, these shorts will be a favourite for several seasons. Probably because they are our best friend everyday: soft materials and finishes, sobriety and elegance await you. What to wear them with: If you could have three pairs of shorts it would be these ones in black, white and champagne! This is a style you’ll feel great in. Our fitting advice: These shorts are normally sized. If you are deciding between two sizes, we recommend buying the larger size (buy a 40 if you do a 38/40 for example!) Care instructions: Hand or machine wash at 30° in a lingerie bag with similar colours. Do not iron, dry clean or tumble dry.

Category: Women’s Clothes – Underwear & Lingerie – Accessories, Women’s Clothes – Underwear & Lingerie – Underpants,

Manufacturer: Ysé

Seller: Carnet de Mode – fashion marketplace and online store

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