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Hyde Park Imitation Shagreen Leather Clutch

Hyde Park clutch in blue imitation shagreen leather with a gold leather strap. It is with this strap that you close the clutch. This strap adds a glamorous twist to the bag’s design. Smaller than the other TorulaBags bags, this clutch stands on its own or you can slip it in your bag. Materials/Fabrics : blue imitation shagreen leather and a gold strap, green buckskin lining Length : 22 cm Width : 1 cm Height : 14 cm The brand TorulaBags creates bags with designs subtly combining Parisian elegance with London avant-gardism. With their stylish and simple design and their classic colors, these bags are timeless.

Category: Women’s Bags – Clutches – ,

Manufacturer: Torulabags

Seller: Carnet de Mode – fashion marketplace and online store

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